Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 12/05/2021

​Competition Entry Service Ltd trading as Competition Entry Service is a company registered in England at Mez 2, 1 Pacific Road, Birkenhead, CH41 1LJ. Our Registered company number is 12236577.

​Competition Entry Service Ltd trading as Competition Entry Service shall provide our Services in accordance with these terms and conditions: References to “Competition Entry Service”, “we”, “us” and “our” are references to Competition Entry Service Ltd trading as Competition Entry Service. References to “you” and “your” are references to subscribers, website users or customers that express an interest in the Services.​


These terms set out the relationship between you and us. By subscribing to the Services you agree to these terms. Our Privacy Policy also forms part of these terms and can be found on our website at http://www.competitionentryservice.co.uk.


We provide a research and entry service for you, which includes research into, selection of, and submitting entries on your behalf to selected free prize draws and competitions (Services). If for some reason the Services are significantly changed or suspended, we will contact you via phone,email or letter to inform you. You may, within 14 days of receiving this notification, cancel your membership by providing us with at least 14 days’ notice.


You must be 18 years old or over and be a UK resident to subscribe and you will need to follow any instructions provided by us. We can refuse subscription requests at our discretion. When you subscribe to the Services we will ask you for certain information that we require to complete your entries. You must provide us with the correct information and let us know if this information changes. We will not be responsible if you provide us with incorrect information or fail to let us know of any changes. When you join our service, we will send you a welcome email, confirming your subscription is live and upon this confirmation we will begin to provide the services as stated in these terms and conditions.

Pricing and Payment 

The current price for the Services may be viewed on our website. We may amend the price from time to time and will let you know 30 days before any price change. If we cannot collect any of your subscription payments, we will attempt the payment 6 more times over a 14 day period and we may contact you to ask you to ensure the payment information has not changed. In the event that Competition Entry Service receives no response regarding the non payment, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription and stop providing the services. Your payment will be processed using a PCI compliant payment gateway (Cardstream) and further information can be provided upon request.

The sign up fee as stated on the website will be charged in addition to the subscription fee in your first month. The sign up fee covers the administrative cost of creating your competition account on our system. Throughout the year we run promotions whereby this fee can be waived if a valid coupon is used. Coupon codes will be declared on the relevant promotion and it is your responsibility to ensure this coupon has been added correctly at the checkout.


By subscribing to the Services you authorise us to act on your behalf to enter you into free prize draws and/or competitions. We will never enter you into prize draws or competitions that require payment to enter. Your subscription is paid for the time it takes for us to find and enter you into the competitions. You could find and enter the competitions yourself for free using a competition site such as Free To Enter Competitions UK. You acknowledge that the prize draws and competitions are organised by third parties and not by us. You also acknowledge that the prize draws and competitions have their own terms and conditions and that you need to comply fully with these terms and conditions for your entry to be valid. The competition terms and conditions can be found on our website here. We will enter you into the total number of prize draws and competitions stated in your welcome email. We will solely decide which free prize draws and competitions including those requiring an email address you are entered into, we cannot accept requests. A list of the prize draws and competitions that have been entered during the relevant month will be sent to you in a monthly email (providing you have opted in to receive this during sign up). We cannot be held liable for any aspect of competition administration including, but not limited to, the selection and notification of winners, and the delivery of prizes. Those responsibilities lie with the competition organisers. Competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if they have reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of their terms and conditions. We cannot accept responsibility for disqualification based upon their application of their rules. In particular, we cannot accept responsibility if a winning entry is withdrawn or rejected for being submitted by a third party (us).

Loyalty Reward

​After subscribing for a continuous 6 month period and a continuous 12 month period you may receive a loyalty reward from us once each milestone is achieved. Each reward will have a minimum RRP of £20 and it is at our discretion as to which reward you receive. You agree that we can pass details such as your name and address to the reward provider for the purpose of sending out your reward. Rewards will be sent in the post and cannot be changed if they are not suitable for you. If you do encounter any issues with your reward such as it being faulty or broken then please contact us and while we make no guarantees, we will do what we can to resolve the issue for you. Rewards will be sourced from approved suppliers, however we accept no liability for upholding any warranties, returning defects or any other matters that may arise from the reward being sent. We reserve the right to pause or abandon the loyalty reward scheme at any time without prior notice.

Termination and cancellation of the Services

You may cancel your subscription for any reason at any time, providing you inform us via phone, letter or email. Please note that your subscription has not been cancelled until we confirm this to you. If you don’t hear from us please call us. We have the right to cancel your membership immediately and without notice if you are more than one month late in paying your subscription fee.If your subscription is cancelled all of our obligations will immediately come to an end. If you wish to stop your subscription please see our cancellation policy.


We (and anyone associated with us or the Services) will not be liable for the delivery, use or misuse of the prizes offered by any third party, or for any other costs associated with the prizes, or for the selection or notification of winners. All queries or issues concerning the prizes, the prize draws or competitions generally should be taken up directly with the relevant organiser. The Services and our website are provided “as is” and we do not provide any warranties of any kind. You are responsible for confirming if we have received your e-mails. We are not responsible for any errors in information you send to us, any failure by you to receive information we send to you, or any failure by any prize draw or competition organiser to receive information we send to them. We work hard to ensure that your personal data is kept safe but we will not be liable for any unauthorised use of your personal data by a third party prize draw or competition organisers. We will not be liable for any delay or failure to provide the Services if this is caused by an event which is beyond our control such as: strikes, lock-outs, riots, wars, terrorism, fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes or delays caused by failure of power supplies or transport facilities, postal strikes or acts of, or failures to act by, our subcontractors. In such circumstances, we have the right to delay or suspend the Services and when the event has ended, to take a reasonable recovery time before restoring the Services. You acknowledge that success in the prize draws and/or competitions is dependent on chance and that we cannot guarantee that you will win any prize/s. Our maximum liability will not exceed the subscription fee paid by you to us over the period of your subscription.

Data protection 

We will only use your personal data as may be necessary so we can provide the Services and will only use your personal data in accordance with any consents you have given us. We will pass your data to the free prize draw and competition organisers on terms designed to protect your data from misuse. Subject to your consent, we may use your data to send you information about our own products and services. You may opt-out from receiving such information at any time by contacting us. In addition we may publish your name on our website in our winners section if you are a winner. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how we use your personal data.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions 

We may change these terms from time to time and, if so, we will post a revised version of the terms on our website and will inform you of any significant changes. Otherwise any changes will be effective, and you will have accepted such changes, when they are posted on our website.


The terms and conditions of this agreement will be governed by English law.


You can contact us via phone, letter or email using the following information. 

Email: customer@competitionentryservice.co.uk

Address: Mez 2, 1 Pacific Road, Birkenhead CH41 1LJ.

Telephone: 0800 778 9298


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